Joe Caluda



After being raised in a family of musicians, Joe Caluda, keyboards, began his musical journey playing the violin at the age of nine. After four years of violin study, he started playing percussion, becoming an all-state drummer by the age of 16. Always musically adventurous, Joe started studying the piano and synthesizers, eventually meeting and establishing a musical partnership with the late Nick Cancella. After joining “Persia” in 1982, Joe would move to Long Island, New York and perform with Persia, establishing a fan base there.

Joe then decided to go back to college, receiving his degree in Music Theory and Composition from the University of New Orleans. Following a short break from the music scene, taking time to raise his family and pursue his teaching career, Joe once again began performing live with several local musicians. He now plays regularly with Randy Jackson of Zebra, both here and in New York. Joe has also played with other artists, including Rik Emmett of Triumph, Michael Sadler of Saga, and Rick Cowling of Ambrosia. After meeting up with Guy Gelso at a show with Randy, Joe and Guy began working together, eventually joining forces with Steve, Mike and Troy, forming what would become the musical powerhouse known as “Sledgehammer.”